How to Find a Great Brand Name?

A strong brand name is more than just a catchy phrase or something that looks cool on your business card. It’s great because it has significance for the customers.

However, picking the ideal brand name can be challenging. How do you come up with a good name? A memorable name? A name with an useful URL and one that looks excellent on a web banner? Some claim it’s simple, while others claim it’s impossible.

But in our experience, it is possible to find the ideal brand name; You just need to think a little deeper.

How to find ideal brand name ?

Consider the name’s significance in your branding efforts while selecting a fantastic brand name for your company, product, or service.

Your name is an extension of your brand and can either strengthen or detract from the value you provide. There are several alternatives available when coming up with a name for a company, product, or service:

  • Use the name of the founder or inventor (Issey Miyake)
  • Explain what you are doing (Turkish Airlines)
  • Identify an experience or mental picture (Sprint)
  • Remove a word from its context (Apple)
  • Invent a word (Google)

Making a decision about your brand name’s meaning and intended representation is crucial.

How to create the right brand name?

Finding a great brand name is important. The appropriate approach can pave the way for achievement.

You’ll find what you need here whether you’re creating a new brand name for a new company and have a blank canvas to work with or it’s time to rebrand your current company with a better brand name.

The foundational elements must come first before the brand name can be what it should be. Here, you must specify who your target audience is, what you sell to them (and what you don’t), why they choose you over your rivals, and how you stand out from the competition.

It starts with who you are as a brand. This process includes defining your purpose, impact model, and values. Here, you may learn more about the importance of values in business and how we can support you.

Your brand story is the outcome of these crucial components. Before creating your brand name, we strongly advise determining the key theme of your story. This will assist you in developing something new and relevant because, in the modern world, having a wonderful product or service is no longer sufficient.

5 Key Steps for Creating a Strong Brand Name.

Keep it short

The best names are only 1 or 2 syllables long. See our following subject, Create an alias, if you are unable to perform this or there are circumstances in which this isn’t possible.

The advantages of keeping it brief include that it’s simpler to remember, leaves less opportunity for error when searching, and makes it simpler to develop a stronger brand identity (your logo or brand mark).

Create an Alias

Long names are frequently shortened since people are by nature sluggish. Compare Coke and Coca-Cola. 4 syllables as opposed to 1. You may create a powerful brand name from the nickname if you first take it into consideration.

Correct Spelling

Spell it out as it sounds, using proper spelling without any creative substitutions. You don’t want any work to be missed as a result of confusion, just as you wouldn’t want your team to repeatedly spell out email addresses and website addresses.

Avoid Hidden Meanings

Verify if the brand name is not used in any other countries or has any humiliating or unfavorable connotations. For businesses that operate internationally, this is even more crucial.

Verify that no copyright is present.

Finally, in order to legally own a name, you must actually possess it. It is advised to thoroughly search all pertinent databases. These include trademarks, business registration, domain names, etc. included.


In addition to the last two points. The best course of action is to compile a roster and perform due diligence on each before selecting one. Try to avoid being very attached to any one name until you are confident that you can get all the assets you require, especially highly significant domain names, and you own the property. If you do, you might end up disappointed.

Finding a Free Brand Name

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of time brainstorming business name ideas. To find a memorable brand name with an usable domain name, use a company name generator.

We wanted to share some of the really awesome free online name generator lists with you so you could use them as a creative outlet for your business branding.

Anadea – Anadea business name generator simplifies the process of finding a business name. All you have to do is type a word or phrase associated with the main idea of your business and click “Create name.”

WebHostingGeeks – WebHostingGeeks offers a great company name generator that is pretty simple to use. It requests the keywords that most accurately represent your company, the sort of domain you’re seeking for (.com,.net), and the placement of the keywords in the domain (beginning, middle, or end). This page is free and highly helpful for finding a brand name.

NameSnack – Popular and easy to use, NameSnack is a handy business name generator for finding a unique brand for free.

Wordlab – Not as focused as some of the others on this list, Wordlab’s business name generator. There are more than seven million possible names to choose from, but they are not provided for you; instead, you must investigate each one separately.

Finding the Right Brand Name for Your Company

Following the creation of your logo and corporate identity, you may begin developing your brand story, brand personality, and brand messaging for use in your sales collateral and marketing initiatives.


First and foremost, keep in mind that branding is a crucial task that demands dedication. If you run into trouble during any part of the process, think about getting support. Another option would be to choose the best creative agency for you.

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