How to Invoice Freelance Work, What is a Virtual Company?

Freelance jobs are now part of our lives. We predict that the freelance industry, which has increased in recent years, will increase further in the coming years.

Freelancing is a working method that has been adopted for many years. Traveling and working as a local independent digital nomad is the dream of many people. Due to the coronavirus in the world, it is now more popular. Freelancing has many advantages as well as question marks. For example, when a company asks you for an invoice, how can you solve it? Let’s talk about this a little bit.

How to Invoice Freelance Work

Of course, as in every job, freelance jobs have a procedure. Many companies that you do business with will request an invoice from you. However, you don’t need to incur high costs for this. As a result, when you do freelance work, one of your goals is undoubtedly to be your boss with less cost.

How to Invoice Freelance Work
How to invoice a freelance job?

However, as a white-collar who is already overwhelmed with corporate work and pursuits, you do not have to endure those procedures and drown in paperwork. Workerest Virtual is a virtual company and freelance platform that allows you to issue invoices. You can easily create your virtual company and issue invoices to your customers with commission rates as low as 4.5%. But what is a virtual company? Let’s talk about it a little bit.

What is a Virtual Company?

Virtual company is intermediary companies that handle corporate transactions on your behalf, where you can invoice your customers. It brings many advantages. First, since you issue invoices through a company, you will leave a more corporate perception for the people with whom you will do business. Your virtual company provider handles legal transactions, accounting, contract, and contract transactions for you so that you can take your transactions much cheaper than traditional methods.

You can set up your virtual company on Workerest Virtual, create your invoices, and take advantage of virtual company advantages with commission rates as low as 4.5%. You will not encounter any setup fees or hidden commissions. You can use various payment methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfer. You can save time with virtual companies and get a corporate look in the eyes of your customers.

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