Creating Brand Recognition is Easy with Key Visual!

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Key Visuals are graphic elements that are used over and over again in a brand’s marketing campaign. The use of this element is one of the most successful ways to establish brand recognition and to establish long-term communication with customers.

Key Visual can be thought of as a key visual or a key visual in Turkish, but it is used as “Key Visual” in the sector.

As the digital world develops, the rate of consumption is accelerating. Many people now see long texts as boring and a waste of time. This causes people to focus on the visual. Because visual reading is easier to perceive than text-based reading. Visuality is at the top of today’s content marketing strategies.

While the basic visual helps with which ideas and elements to use in all future advertisements and designs, the key visual helps to express the emotions that will cause in the target audience clearly and effectively.

How should Key Visual be?

Key Visual is the best way to tell the identity and story of the brand with graphics. People remember and recognize any image after seeing it three times. For this reason, key visual is of great importance for the identity of the brand; It should be clear, simple and striking. It serves as a guide that includes many instructions from color palette to font types in the designs used by brands in their campaigns. It represents the identity of the brand and establishes a link between the brand and the consumer.

A key visual that is compatible with the brand displays a simple and meaningful design while stimulating the emotions of the consumers, who are the target audience.

The colors used in Key Visual are very important. Key visual examples of some strong brands have started to explain the whole sector by getting ahead of the brand. When we see it, we directly visualize that brand.

The most important feature of Key Visual is that it can be used in any medium. This could be a social media image, a commercial, or a commercial.

When we want to indicate which visual elements are suitable to convey the image of a brand or a product, it is necessary to emphasize the main points of the product. How is it different from other products or brands? What makes the product unique? What kind of emotions does it evoke in customers? The advertisement does not only sell that product, but also ideas about what the product offers.

Key Visual için bir markanın gelecekte tüm fikirlerini şekillendiren yol haritası da diyebiliriz. For this reason, it should be created with a good R&D study and correct insight. Graphics or designs that will determine the entire identity of the brand created in a creative way will bring absolute success.

5 Basic Steps for Key Visual

Brand Identity Creation Process

Key Visual reveals as a whole how the brand wants to appear, the profile it will assume towards the consumer and how it wants to be in the market. The shape determined in the minds of consumers who pronounce the brand is the brand identity. Some tools should be used while creating this brand identity. These;

  • Main theme
  • Color-emotion transfer
  • Graphs and shapes
  • Logo

Application of Color Transitions Reflecting Brand Spirit

Colors are not just an image beauty. Colors have a natural ability to give a feeling of excitement, happiness, pleasure and sensuality. Also, colors have a memory and a language. Human-specific situations, personal events, etc. They can express many situations. For this reason, it is necessary to calculate each situation when determining the color of a brand. While some colors do not attract attention and tire the eyes, some colors give peace of mind.

Font Suitable for Brand Image

After the colors are selected, it comes to the font, which is one of the most important points. Each font offers different effects to the consumer. For this reason, a font that will accurately reflect the spirit and personality of the brand should be determined.

There are fonts on people that give a feeling of sincerity and trust. For example, the Baslerville Old Face typeface felt like a reliable and solid brand psychologically proven. The Helvetica Gold font is known to give the feeling of a constantly growing and stable brand. In addition, the Serif font used by the Google brand has a calm, simple and respectable feature.

Creating the Visual Brand Face

Consumers always want to see someone tangible in front of them. For this reason, only a logo or business card will not be enough. Since 2018, 82% of users have used the video option to create a brand face. Personalized videos are prepared in order to make consumers feel that they are special.

Being Consistent

Brands serve in more than one area or platform. Every consumer should be reached with the same message and information on platforms such as social media or websites.

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