What is Market Segmentation? Grow Your Brand By Targeting Sub-Markets!

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Segmentation is the method that aims to divide the market in which brands are related into segments and to create a strategy for selected small markets. First, they determine the target consumer group and then they make segmentation.

What is Market Segmentation? Grow Your Brand By Targeting Sub-Markets!
What is Market Segmentation?

Brands place their products by dividing the targeted market into small segments and identify the groups that are more likely to buy the product. Thus, the brand will be more likely to sell the product, and they will save time and money by not spending time with consumers who will not buy the product.

The market segmentation is; It aims to create a strategy for the selected small market by subdividing the market in which the brands are related. This provides a more easily understood, goal-oriented and more efficient success. Identified sub-markets are used to develop separate marketing strategies that address the needs, wants and interests of targeted groups.

Market segmentation is of great importance in order to know the market and determine the target audience. Especially for the new brands to enter the market, determining the target audience correctly and working in a field first affects success. It is extremely difficult to exist in the market with accessories, clothing and make-up products at the same time. First of all, it is the right step to analyze and ask the market well, to start in one area.

If we consider a company that wants to exist in the market with clothing, it should first choose one of the men’s, women’s or children’s clothing areas. Starting with one of these and moving on to other categories as you get to know the market will help increase brand success.

How is Market Segmentation Made?

Market analysis, which is carried out with the aim of recognizing the market and determining the target audience, provides brands to obtain data in many areas. So what is market segmentation? How to do this is just as important.

How is Market Segmentation Made?
How is market segmentation done?

It is necessary for market segmentation to know which consumer has which habit, what products they need or what they are interested in. For this reason, it is necessary to determine which products consumers are interested in in the digital environment.

Types of Market Segmentation

What is market segmentation? What are the types of market segmentation? the answer to the question is also necessary for a good analysis. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the shopping habits of consumers from different perspectives and to reduce the error rates while determining the target audience.

  1. Demographic Segmentation; It is based on changes such as age, gender, education, occupation and income levels of consumers.
  2. Geographic Segmentation; It is the division of consumer markets into geographical criteria such as country, city, rural, urban, population density and climate diversity. Geographical segmentation enables to develop country-specific marketing strategies.
  3. Psychographic Segmentation; It is a segmentation type that is divided according to the lifestyles and personality traits of consumers. For example, you cannot go with the same recommendation to people who use or want to use luxury products and people who need to be economical when buying.
  4. Behavioral Segmentation; It is a type of segmentation made in accordance with the interests, usage habits and needs of consumers. What is the frequency of using the product? What are the frequency of using the product? What are the benefits obtained by using the product? What is their need to use the product and what problems do they solve with the product? The answers to your questions are sought.
Types of Market Segmentation
What are the types of market segmentation?

What to Do for Different Audience Segmentations

  • Getting to know and understand customers well
  • Identifying the problems
  • Making estimates about the management size and value of the segmentation
  • To carry out a careful and detailed study in the analysis process of the study

Segmentation studies provide the most efficient and accurate evaluation of limited opportunities. It identifies value-added consumers and makes focused work with them possible. It helps to implement segment-specific sales and different price policies.

In today’s digital age, more target audience-oriented marketing methods are being developed with the effect of social media. With market segmentation studies, the target audience can be marketed in a meaningful way, and the business can be made more efficient and more competitive and profitable.

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