What is Account Based Marketing? What are the Tactics and Strategies Used?

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Account Based Marketing is a focused growth strategy in which sales and marketing experts collaborate to provide maximum benefit to their marketing customers for high-value accounts mutually determined.

It can also be called a strategic approach that is created for marketing experts to provide maximum contribution to their defined marketing customers. It targets high-value customers and operates within the framework of higher profit and impact.

When constructing a marketing strategy for a brand, it is necessary to create a separate company profile and perform marketing and sales practices according to the company.

Criteria for Segmenting Customers

  • Need
  • Value
  • İnterest
  • Action

Advantages of Account Based Marketing to the Brand

  • To obtain the best efficiency from marketing activities,
  • To carry out marketing applications that meet the needs of customers and to make them a reference value,
  • Realizing more customer-oriented sales experiences,
  • Realizing high performance return on investment,
  • As a result of reporting, measuring the success of the activities carried out to the customers, analyzing and receiving feedback,
  • To experience the results of all the works created specifically for the customers as a whole,
  • Focusing on the target by bringing together the market and sales teams,

The collaboration of the sales and marketing team allows for long-term growth, customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

What Are the Types of Account Based Marketing?

  • Stratejik ABM (One to One):

Creating and executing highly customized marketing plans for individual accounts. A dedicated senior marketing professional is responsible for creating a customized marketing plan for each account required for the program.

  • ABM Lite (One to Few):

Creating and executing customized programs for clusters of accounts with similar problems and needs. It requires collaboration between sales, marketing, and methods teams on vital decisions such as which accounts to target, which business topics to highlight, what recommendations to consider, and how to carefully tailor content.

  • Prgramatik ABM (One to Many):

It leverages technology to tailor marketing campaigns at scale to specific accounts using multi-account personalization, targeting, and analytics.

What Are the Stages of Account Based Marketing?

  1. Focusing on profiles and companies that are right.
  2. Finding the right people quickly and easily.
  3. Getting advice about potential customers to get in touch.
  4. Reaching more people through accounts.
  • Be aware of important updates on target accounts.
  • Stay up to date on accounts, companies and profiles of interest.
  • To follow the developments in the accounts of interest.
  • Getting to know potential customers by doing research.
  • Building trust with potential customers.
  • Connecting and interacting with potential and existing customers.
  • Build a professional reputation.
  • Reach potential customers outside the network.

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