How TikTok Marketing Should Be? Why Should Brands Be In TikTok?

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TikTok marketing has been gaining popularity recently with the popularization of the TikTok app. Tiktok app; Considering the number of daily active users and the average time spent on the application, it is among the most preferred. Nevertheless; There is also a mass that considers the application quite unnecessary, does not include the application on the mobile device they use, and argues that its use is a waste of time. The number of these users is too large to be ignored. However, it is possible to say that these people watch TikTok videos without realizing it, because now almost all social media platforms have TikTok videos. There is only one question in mind. “What did we just watch?”

TikTok is mostly on the agenda with the statements of experiencing a sense of shame on behalf of someone else on other social media platforms or in the current environments. Because this platform is one click different from the cute form of users built on the social media system. On this platform, people do not shoot sports videos, take selfies using perfect filters, or prepare different drinks using materials that are not in anyone’s home, as in other social media channels. There are no glamorous, flamboyant, extravagant events or social environments where these are held. The thought of being liked is far from being a state of anxiety. The only purpose here is for fun… For now of course!

What is Tiktok marketing?
Increase your sales with Tiktok ads.

Based on all these, the most important issue to be kept in mind at this point is the target audience logic. Because on TikTok, there are no users who intend to buy any product, and who have high purchasing power, both financially and spiritually.

There are two important questions that brands must find answers to before they start TikTok marketing. The first of these is “Can we find our target audience in the application called TikTok?” and the second is “Is the service I offer or the product I recommend aimed at users in the TikTok application?”

If the answers given are no, it means that there is no benefit for the relevant brand in using this social media channel.

How should brands’ Tiktok marketing content be? What should be considered?

You have decided that the product produced or supported by your brand is a product that TikTok users, that is, the audience on TikTok, will be interested in. Afterwards, you can think and plan by using the design thinking approach, that is, design thinking.

It is useful to start by downloading the TikTok application to the mobile device you are using and taking a look at what designs and hashtags are among people. It won’t take long for you to realize that it is a channel called call to action that encourages people to be constantly active, creative and offering alternative ideas. Usually, the posts shared on TikTok are fun and creative content.

First of all, you should keep in mind that you cannot share posts here, as in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and similar social media. What you need to do is to keep up with the target audience and pay maximum attention to the background music you will use while preparing your advertisement.

TikTok application is not used frequently and widely by companies in our country. However, among many companies, the Redbull brand draws attention. This brand has a large number of followers and it shares its shares according to the lockdown logic, that is, quarantine. It creates its tags using the most preferred hashtags, so that it appears on their pages by all users, and in the meantime, it never misses product support.

How to advertise on Tiktok?
Use of influencer marketing with Tiktok ads.

How to create TikTok ads? How to advertise on TikTok?

In order to create advertisements on the TikTok application, the reservation process must be completed with the logic of “create and ad”, that is, “design and advertise”, on the page called TikTok Ads. Then, thanks to Genart Medya, Turkey’s distributor of advertisements for TikTok marketing, you can start sharing your advertisements that you have made and designed. In other words, on this page, as in other platforms such as Facebook Business or Google Ads, it is impossible to start advertising after creating an account directly after entering the billing information.

There are 5 different advertising models on this panel to be used… These are;

  1. Synopsis flow advertising
  2. Creator collaboration
  3. Top view
  4. Hashtag challenge
  5. It is expressed as a branded filter.

Do global companies use TikTok? What are the TikTok marketing examples of brands?

This rapid rise of the TikTok application around the world has also triggered the TikTok marketing of the brands. For example, let’s take the world’s giant basketball brand NBA, which is very well known by everyone. NBA has more than 5 million followers on the TikTok app. In addition, it acts differently on TikTok than it does on other social media accounts.

For example, unlike his Instagram account, he does not include basketball matches, although he gives less. He mostly shares the warm-up moments of the athletes, their training, fun and enjoyable moments, their dialogues and even the funny images of their mascots before the matches. While moving forward with this strategy, it actually enables people to follow themselves on other platforms by igniting their sense of curiosity.

What is Tiktok influencer marketing?
Tiktok influencer marketing guide.

What is Tiktok influencer marketing? Is useful?

In addition to the direct advertisements on the Tiktok platform, many different brands use influencer marketing methods to successfully maintain their companies’ campaign processes and to be seen by millions of users. At this point, of course, people who are famous or famous come into play.

Thanks to the creator market on Tiktok, it becomes possible for companies or brands to find business partners based on real performance data. However, promotions become easier and campaigns are activated to try to get maximum efficiency. This system has not yet been tested and untested as much as Instagram, but it should never be underestimated when considering the rapid development of conversion tools and data insights.

What is the TikTok effect in the marketing of brands?
Tik Tok Effect in Marketing.

Why TikTok in marketing of brands?

Because with the TikTok application;

  • It makes it very easy to determine the right target audience in terms of video marketing.
  • It is essential to create original content, otherwise success should not be expected.
  • It is possible to analyze.
  • It has an important role in determining your strategy.
  • It makes it possible to build an organic, not artificial, audience.
How does the algorithm work in Tiktok?

How does the algorithm work in Tiktok marketing of brands?

There are 3 different methods of the algorithm system that selects the videos that appear on the screens of the people who use the Tiktok application.

  • Video information

It is the grouping made from the footers of the videos. In other words, factors such as the words written in the text, the songs used in the content, the sounds, the use of tags form the basis of this algorithm method.

  • User interactions

It takes into account the video series of people who use the application and like and follow the posts. It is also possible to say that he considers points such as messages, comments, likes and so on. It creates profiles known as avatars by determining the target audience, that is, the people who follow the relevant accounts and are similar to the relevant account. Then, it offers video suggestions based on the right person detection.

  • Device and account settings

The countries in which the devices used during the application are used and the language of use are very important factors in determining the target audience. Based on these, video suggestions are automatically created by the system.

In summary, in order to use the budget correctly in TikTok marketing, it is necessary to understand the TikTok algorithm well. In addition, it is necessary to have a well-analyzed market segmentation. You can visit this address to create a Tiktok ad account.

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