How to Get Spanish Citizenship and Residence? Spanish citizenship is possible by buying a house!

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Spanish Citizenship
Getting Spanish citizenship.

Spain; One of the most beautiful countries in Europe! In addition to being an EU member, it is a country that has many advantages such as clean air, natural beauties, and living conditions with high standards! At this point, you too can have a dream of living in Spain. When answering the question of how to get Spanish citizenship, it is necessary to talk about different options and conditions.

Conditions for Obtaining Citizenship from Spain

There are different reasons for the conditions for granting Spanish citizenship. Each of the options such as marriage, blood ties, long-term living, superior service and dereliction, especially land ties; It is in front of you as a reason for getting Spanish citizenship.

Right of Spanish Citizenship by Birth

A baby who was born on Spanish soil while his parents lived in Spain; Unlike other countries, he cannot become a Spanish citizen immediately. First of all, he/she gains the right to become a citizen of his own country. However, a residence permit is also issued for the baby. There are two different alternatives for a newborn baby to gain citizenship. If both the baby and his/her family live in Spain for one more year, the right to apply for Spanish citizenship is gained. However, if the baby’s family leaves the country before the application is finalized, the application is automatically cancelled. In addition, the baby can take advantage of being born in Spain in the coming years. At any time, after coming to Spain and living for a year, you can apply for Spanish citizenship again.

Right of Spanish Citizenship by Birth
Right of Spanish Citizenship by Birth

Becoming a Spanish Citizen by Blood Relationship

Those whose parents are Spanish citizens; They can apply for citizenship even if they were not born in Spain. In addition, those whose parents became Spanish citizens in the following years also have the right to apply for citizenship before the age of 18.

Becoming a Spanish Citizen by Marriage

Married to a Spanish citizen; they can apply for Spanish citizenship if they continue to live together after four or five months of residence permit. They are also required to apply to work in the country.

Becoming a Spanish Citizen as a Result of Long-Term Residence

Long-Term Living: Along with the residence permit, those who have lived in Spain legally and uninterruptedly for ten years have the right to apply for citizenship. However, they are requested not to stay abroad for more than 90 days per year during this period. However, the periods of stay in the country with a student permit are not included in the ten-year period we mentioned.

Spanish Citizenship with Distinguished Service

Individuals who, for any reason, have touched Spain with outstanding services, are given the right of Spanish citizenship.


The Spanish government aims to protect its citizens in all matters. At this point, countries such as Argentina, Chile and Ecuador; does not naturalize the children of its citizens born abroad. However, Spain; It helps families in this situation and ensures that these children receive Spanish citizenship.

Spanish citizenship.
Spanish citizenship.

What is Required to Apply for Spanish Citizenship?

Those who are considering applying for Spanish citizenship must first resolve the language problem. At this point, individuals must have at least A2 level of Spanish. They even have to prove their language knowledge with the DELE test, which is a multiple choice exam. In addition, individuals can apply for citizenship on their own. However, it will be necessary to get help from lawyers in order to get things done faster. In addition, bureaucracy is heavy in the Spanish citizenship process. In other words, individuals may have to wait an average of three to four years.

Spain; A country with serious rules about citizenship! At this point we should say that dual citizenship is not allowed except in exceptional circumstances. Those who want to become a citizen of another country have to sign a letter stating that they will renounce their Spanish citizenship. In addition to all these, those who have obtained Spanish citizenship in some way must go to the Spanish consulate and express that they want to protect their citizenship rights if they stay abroad for three years. Being a Spanish citizen is quite difficult! At this point, there is another option for those who wish to live in Spain. Those who spend at least 185 days a year in Spain for five years gain the right of long-term residence.

How to Obtain Citizenship with Spain Golden Visa?

There is another option for those who want to obtain Spanish citizenship. Those who buy one or more real estate in Spain with a value of at least 500 thousand Euros obtain a residence permit. After the first residence permit for one year, the visa period is extended for two more years, respectively. As a result, those who still hold the real estate after five years obtain a permanent residence permit with their families. You can find detailed information on the official website of the Spanish Consulate.

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